Cookies Policy

Firestone Industrial Products (“Firestone”) – a company incorporated in Tennessee, United States and having its registered office at 200 S 4th Street, Nashville, TN, the controller and administrator of (“Website”), uses cookies to continuously improve its Website visitors’ experience. Cookies can directly enhance such experience (e.g. by remembering your choice of language and other specific settings) or may be even necessary to properly and legally perform services that you request (e.g., by remembering your selection of cookies settings). In addition, certain cookies provide Firestone with statistical information about the use of its Website, thus indirectly supporting it to better meet your preferences by adapting accordingly. Cookies may also allow you to use certain additional features included in the Website e.g. by designed applications accessible through Website.

1.1. What exactly are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that your browser installs on your computer or other devices and that enable the Website to recognize it upon your visit. It consists of a unique number and can hence distinguish your device from others although you remain unnamed.

Thanks to cookies, FIRESTONE can for example make sure that the information appearing on Your screen during your next visit to its website is tuned in to your preferences. With the help of cookies, FIRESTONE can also identify the most popular sections of its website, since they allow FIRESTONE to know which pages are visited and how much time visitors spend browsing the same. On the basis of these aggregated data, FIRESTONE can adjust its website to better reflect visitor preferences and offer a more customer-oriented experience. Finally, cookies may facilitate certain third-party applications such as social media network connections.

1.2. What types of cookies may we use?

We may use two types of cookies on our websites - "session cookies" and "persistent cookies". Session cookies are temporary and remain on your device only as long as you browse the webpage. Persistent cookies remain on your device also after your browsing session is over.

In terms of its origin, we may also divide cookies per “first-party cookies” and “third-party cookies”. First-party cookies are placed on the Website directly by us to enable its regular browsing, enhance its functionality or meet legal requirements. “Third-party cookies” are cookies that are placed on the Website by third parties chosen by us to support some of the Website’s functionalities.

For the functional division of the cookies we may use please see the chart below.

Type of Cookies

What are they for?

How do they affect Your privacy?


These cookies are necessary for the Website to function properly. They make it possible to navigate on the Website and use its features. For example, this type of cookies allow you to navigate form one webpage to the next and store information necessary for filling in forms.

These cookies are applied automatically for the time of each session or for longer periods – depending on their purpose. As they are necessary to enable you browsing the Website in a regular way or to meet legal criteria, you cannot disable them. Please see more details in point 1.7. below. If you prefer thee cookies to not be installed on your device, you can stop your website visit at any time.


These cookies register choices made by you in dedicated areas where you give us your personal data (such as user name, language or the region the user is in). These cookies can also be used to remember the changes you make, e.g. to text size, fonts and to other parts of the Website that can be customized or to remember your browsing history or the fact that you have already visited the Website.

The information these cookies collect may include technical info that is processed in connection with your visit and is linked to your device although you remain unnamed. You may still decide not to consent for its use or manually disable them in your settings although it may influence your Website experience.

Sometimes, these cookies may be set to remember personally identifiable information that you have disclosed, such as for instance your username or profile picture. While disclosing such personal details you will be either asked for your consent or at least clearly informed about our privacy rules. If you decide to disclose your data and request particular services, such cookies will become necessary to provide it.


These cookies are third-party cookies (e.g. Google Analytics) that help the Website to understand how their visitors engage with the Website (e.g. to identify how the visitors reached the Website, what is the operating system used by visitors and browser type, the time and duration of the visit, which pages are being visited, age, gender and interests of the visitors etc.).

The information these cookies collect are not linked to identifiable or identified person and are mainly used for statistical purposes. They will allow FIRESTONE to better tailor the website and its applications to the various needs and wishes of its visitors. We still request your consent for its use.

External features

These cookies are third-party cookies that we decided to place on the Website in order to enhance its functionality (e.g. to make sure you can use social media widgets for Facebook, Twitter etc. directly on the Website, retarget you via Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or track your geolocation to direct you to the nearest dealer if relevant ).

These cookies are usually connected to your personal device or even personal data that you decide to include in the relevant social media channel. You always can decide whether to consent to its use (either directly or implicitly by requesting such service).

For more info with respect to the purposes of specific cookies used on the Website, their functions and time of storage (if persistent ones) please see point 1.7. below.

1.3. How we obtain your informed consent?

Upon entering the Website for the first time, you will be prompted with a message to allow the use of functionality, analytics and external features cookies. These cookies will only be installed upon acceptance.

Necessary cookies will be installed on your device the moment you enter it as the Website functioning properly relies on these.

This prompted message will show a link to the Cookies Policy in case you want to see more information about the way we handle Cookies.

The notification banner will no longer appear on your screen on future visits to the Website, but the option to remove cookies will remain open to you via the settings of your internet browser (see 1.4).

1.4. Objection and your rights

We cannot interfere with your browser cookies settings and we cannot disable for you the cookies you first consented to install or are necessary to be installed in order to allow your browse the Website. Nevertheless, you can always change your browser settings to delete or prevent various types of Cookies from being stored on your device in the future without your further intervention.

The ‘help’ section in your browser should provide information on how to manage your cookie settings directly in your browser. Find out how this works for your browser here:

1.5. What if this cookies policy changes?

FIRESTONE may update this policy at any time. If we do this, it will be highlighted on the Website and/or brand pages, so that you are aware of the need to check it again. No change will lead to limitation of your rights under applicable law.

1.6. Third party recipients and processors

FIRESTONE doesn’t exchange cookies with websites of third parties or external supplier of data, with the exception of third parties working directly with FIRESTONE and under its control and supervision to provide website services. FIRESTONE always make sure that the processors of your data are bound by necessary contractual clauses to keep them safe and confidential.

Although we may use information collected via third-party cookies, please note that all third-party cookies are managed by its providers in accordance with their policies.

1.7. Consult the cookies used

To be able to see the exact list of what cookies FIRESTONE uses, for how long these are active, when they expire, their domain and/or name, you can consult the settings in your web browser. 

Here is a quick guide explaining on how to do so per browser: