Firestone RED Label: 2706 Rear Kit






Get air springs that can stand up to the most demanding applications. Equip your RAM with a Red Label Air Spring Kit.

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Details & Benefits

  • High strength steel alloy brackets, commercial grade bellows and grade 8 fasteners, and enhanced bracket coating technology
  • Designed to work in parallel with in-bed hitches
  • No drill design
  • Fill kit

    fill kit


  • load capacity

    load capacity


  • installation


    No Drill

  • in-bed hitch



  • min. air pressure

    minimum air pressure

    5 PSI

  • max air pressure

    maximum air pressure

    150 PSI

  • install time

    install time

    1.5 HOUR(s)

Air Accessory Systems

2097 Single Path Analog Heavy Duty 2497
2219 Dual Path Analog Heavy Duty 2497
2543 Single Path Analog Extreme Duty With Tank 2530
2549 Dual Path Analog Extreme Duty With Tank 2530

Vehicles Compatible with 2706


2500 4WD, 2WD (2014-2023)

Exception Warning 4WD This kit will not work with vehicles with factory air assist
2WD This kit will not work with vehicles with factory air assist
2014 2500 4WD, 2WD
2015 2500 4WD, 2WD
2016 2500 4WD, 2WD
2017 2500 4WD, 2WD
2018 2500 4WD, 2WD
2019 2500 4WD, 2WD
2020 2500 4WD, 2WD
2021 2500 4WD, 2WD
2022 2500 4WD, 2WD
2023 2500 4WD, 2WD
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What's Included

Everything is included for a quick, easy installation.

  • Firestone RED Label air springs
  • Installation brackets
  • Easy install guide
  • Warranty information
  • All hardware needed for install

Additional Info

Get comfort, confidence, and control on the way to your wildest ride. Firestone RED Label Extreme Duty air springs for 2WD/4WD RAM 2500s are engineered with commercial-level materials to withstand the hardest applications. When towing a heavy trailer or hauling an unbalanced load, you need air bags you can depend on for a responsive and comfortable on-the-road experience. You need a Firestone RED Label Kit.

Learn how it works. 2WD/4WD RAM 2500 Firestone RED Label Kits use two convoluted air springs to raise your truck back up to 2WD/4WD RAM's height while hauling or towing a heavy load. Air bags can be manually inflated and deflated to compensate for uneven loads.

Installation is straightforward. No drilling required. RED Label 2WD/4WD RAM 2500 air helper springs fit between your frame and suspension, and work with your existing rear suspension system. The average installation takes about 1.5 hours. Your kit comes with all materials, including 2WD/4WD RAM 2500 Firestone RED Label air springs, installation brackets, install guide, warranty information, and all necessary hardware. Compressors, air tanks, control panels, gauges, and switches can be purchased separately.

Why trust Firestone for 2WD/4WD RAM 2500 extreme duty air springs? Because your truck demands commercial-level durability. RED Label air springs use grade 8 fasteners, high strength steel alloy brackets, and an enhanced coating to safeguard against environmental aggressors like corrosive de-icing agents and road salt. The springs are made from the same rubber that's used in our Airide™ commercial air springs—four layers of it. What's more, 2WD/4WD RAM 2500 RED Label kits can level loads up to 6500 and handle up to 150 PSI.

Find an authorized RED Label retailer near you to buy your 2WD/4WD RAM 2500 RED Label Extreme Duty Air Spring Kit.