Easy to order, easy to install. All-In-One kits include air springs, a compressor, air accessories, and all installation components. 

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Details & Benefits

  • Enhances safe load-carrying capacity, stability, ride quality, and brake effectiveness
  • Most kits are No-Drill systems, easily installing in 1-2 hours
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  • in-bed hitch


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Vehicles Compatible with 2826

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What's Included

Everything is included for a quick, easy installation.

  • Brackets
  • Air springs
  • Hardware
  • Air line and separate valves for manual inflation, the same as you would use for inflating a tire

Optional air accessories are available for all applications. View Air-Rite Air Accessory Systems

Additional Info

The 2826 Firestone Ride-Rite All-In-One Wireless Kit for Ford 250/350 Single Rear Wheel features everything you need to balance unsteady loads, increase ride quality, and encourage road safety when hauling or towing. Not sure what parts will fit your Ford 250/350 Single Rear Wheel, or even what parts you'll need? All-In-One kits take away the guesswork and are less expensive than purchasing pieces individually. Every element in your Ford 250/350 Single Rear Wheel All-In-One kit is engineered to work together and to work with your Ford 250/350, so you enjoy the most streamlined product installation and performance.
Ford 250/350 Single Rear Wheel Firestone 2826 Ride-Rite All-In-One Wireless Kits bundle a Ride-Rite air spring kit with an air compressor in one simple package. The Ride-Rite kit uses the power of air pressure to compensate for uneven loads, reduce suspension fatigue and bottoming out, and increase vehicle stability. As a result, your ride improves, too.
All-In-One Kits also include an Air Command air compressor, which lets you adapt your Ford 250/350 Single Rear Wheel air springs with the flip of a switch. The compressor is designed to be an immediate air source for your pickup truck's air suspension system so you can change air spring pressure to accommodate different road and load conditions. The Air Command compressor leverages OE-grade electronics and incorporates the valve block and Electronic Control Unit in one module for greater durability and easier installation. Level the vehicle from inside or outside of the cab using the compressor's wireless remote.
Ford 250/350 Single Rear Wheel All-In-One kits come with two Firestone Ride-Rite air bags, upper/lower mounting brackets, an axle clamp bracket, air line tube, inflation valve, heat shield, and all required installation hardware. Also included: a heavy-duty air compressor, single air control panel, relay harness, air filter, air line tube, and all necessary fittings for compressor installation.
Firestone Ride-Rite All-In-One Wireless Kits are specially made to fit Ford 250/350 Single Rear Wheels and offer the fastest route for optimizing your air suspension system. Ready to tow and haul with confidence and control? Find your authorized Ride-Rite dealer and buy your Ford 250/350 Single Rear Wheel Firestone 2826 All-In-One Wireless Air Spring Kit.